IMVA: “Global Warming is Total Drivel and Nonsense”

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Mark Sircus
12 January 2011

Piers Corbyn Warm Weather Not Causing Cold (link)

As it is with vaccines it is with global warming in the mainstream, which is mostly a gigantic myth-making machine. People are gullible though and accept just about anything from the media, even if it’s a denial of a link between “matches, gasoline and fire.”

They might as well say that there is no link between “oxygen, hydrogen and water,” when they say mercury in vaccines or dental amalgam doesn’t cause severe neurological diseases since mercury is a highly toxic neurological poison. And sure there is a link between global warming and increased snow and record breaking cold. And sure the economy will expand and everything will get back to normal soon and everyone will live happily ever after. Fortunately for everyone who cares anything about the truth, the UK government’s climate propaganda machine is finally falling apart.

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