The Intel Hub: Strange Caller, Earthquakes, and a Near Earth Object

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Shepard Ambellas and Avalon
The Intel Hub
February 8, 2011

Editors Note: This article was done only to provide observations from the outside. If anyone has any intel on this please email it to:

There has been much conjecture, speculation, and some science applied to theories surrounding the New Madrid fault line, the dead birds, earthquakes in Arkansas, and the BP oil spill.

There has been recent speculation about a strange caller that allegedly called the Alex Jones Show last Friday stating that she worked for the White House and knew of a coming “pole shift” that might take place around March 15, 2011 according to several YouTube users (there is still no audio available of this call).

Evidence shows that magnetic pole fluctuations have happened from time to time in the past. But what about a physical pole shift?

According to the underground reports; the alleged callers segment mysteriously vanished from the radio archives and was only caught on the live broadcast.

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