Infowars: Kill Switch Beta: Government Blocks 84,000 Websites


Kurt Nimmo
February 16, 2011

Under the banner of fighting child pornography, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice knocked out 84,000 websites last week. The websites did not host or link to child pornography as the government claims.

“As part of ‘Operation Save Our Children‘ ICE’s Cyber Crimes Center has again seized several domain names, but not without making a huge error. Last Friday, thousands of site owners were surprised by a rather worrying banner that was placed on their domain,” reports TorrentFreak, a tech site.

Joe Lieberman Sponsors Presidential Internet “Kill Switch”, tells Americans “Relax” (link)

Senator Joe Lieberman peddles his kill switch legislation under the rubric of the phony war on terror.

Webster Tarpley : Clinton / Obama Using Web of Hypocrisy with Internet Kill Switch (link)

Webster Tarpley on Obama’s internet kill switch.

Blocking the access of 84,000 websites from the internet is not a mistake. It was a beta test by the government to test the technical aspects of the action and gauge response. The government is not in the business of seriously combating child pornography. Like the Mubarak regime in Egypt, the government in the United States is interested in having a mechanism in place to shut down the public internet or take out targeted websites and domains.

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Internet Kill Switch Beta: Government Blocks 84,000 Websites and More to Come! (link)

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