keyinfoblog: Osama bin Laden dead sources confirmed: What does this really mean? What effect does this have on people and the world?

May 2, 2011
Gabriel K.

You have all probably heard of  the news that Osama Bin Laden location in Pakistan was found and taken down by the CIA after being tipped by someone who sold him out, well at least that’s the official story.

What I want to get to is the very important point of how this will effect the people and the world, because not only was he only a myth, the people behind the myth have decided to end it.

That is what is important here, and that is what we ought to find out about.

1.) The First obvious conclusion that comes into mind is that the establishment have lost control over the arab nations and wants to slow down the progress of the revolutions but that wouldn’t make so much sense because it would only infuse more hatred at least in the most radical people.

2.) The Second conclusion that counters the first one is that they want to escalate the revolutions in order to make the muslim brotherhood rebel against the west even harder then before and create the platform for WW3 as in what Albert Pike a famous freemason said back in 1925 in the coming 3 world wars. This seems more clear now because of the earlier threats Al Qaida made saying that they would unleash a “nuclear hellstorm” a nuke that would detonate somewhere in Europe if bin Laden was ever captured or killed” (more info on it here) and here.

3.) The Third conclusion would be that they want people to feel as if the boogeyman in their head is dead, the sociological impact would probably be that of an effect that everything is cool and back to normal as prior to 9/11 meaning the population is more easily managed. At least unconsciously this creates a winning sensation and a let down of peoples gaurds.

Put also in mind the psychological effects it has on the population in West and look at the political side of it and you will find that it only helps to boost the confidence of the current USA government that is running now making sure Obama stays in power as president in the next coming election of 2012.

The latest issues concerning Obama’s birth certificate fraud may also be a reason behind this sudden spin of news in order to bring Obama’s popularity up again and make people forget about the birth certificate issue.

USA’s unwelcomed presence in Pakistan might also be one of the reasons they wanted to end the chase for bin Laden so that they would come off better and not lose the ground there so to speak.

So let us frame this a bit what would be the benefits of ending the famous myth of Bin Laden the terrorist.

–  Hyping the muslim world made fake/real doesn’t matter as long as it’s hyped to create the platform for WW3 wich is the Moslem Arabic World against the West.
–  Ending the boogeyman in peoples heads, finally turning people off from issues after many years of it running unconsciously in their collective minds.
– Giving confidence to Obama as president people will highly remember this as a success on his side
– USA is losing it’s ground in pakistan and need to come out good so they end it.

Many people ask what will now happen of Afghanistan and Iraq? Will the troops come home? Will the wars with terrorism end? Well maybe yes, maybe not.

In the coming days and weeks we will see reports coming in confirming where the next lead is on and what the mainstream media is trying to make us buy into. The most obvious conclusion now is that Osama.. ehhm excuse me I mean Obama just made him self more popular.

More info will follow during these couple days as this issue get’s more clear, stay put.

*Recommended sites for further updates on this issue.

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Exclusive: ‘Bin Laden Dead’ Hoax Exposed (link)

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