keyinfoblog: Oslo bombing and shooting – The effects of it

July 22, 2011
Gabriel K.

According to many news sources 2 bombs have exploded near government buildings in Oslo, Norway and an additional shooting by a man dressed up as a cop on an island outside Norway called Utoya were about 560 people were there for summer youth camp.

The media claims that Anders Behring Breivik, 32 is the one who conducted both the bombing and shooting and have us believed he is a is a member of the Freemason lounge Saint Johannes lodge in Oslo they also say he had a license for two guns a glock and a rifle and was part of the Oslo pistol club.

The motives behind these attacks as the media claims is that Breivik was a strong nationalist who did not like foreigners and was advocate of right wing politics on many online forums.

Now this could easily be a psy-op well constructed to create a certain belief for the public and it seems like it is certainly new we just have to figure out how and why.

It seems to be used under the pretext of false flag tactics of Problem – Reaction – Solution, classifying it as an act of terror at first but then blaming one guy for the whole event.

As they would want you to think, and as many would first think is that this is because of Libya and gaddafis threats to europe made earlier in july and yes it makes sense logically.

But let us look at the alternative effects this may have in long term.

#1 Who benefits?
The latin phrase “cui bono” good for whom, i.e., who benefits? Is the first question one should ask themselves, clearly in this case those who would want their involvement with Libya and the middle east conflicts to escalate and take over the country’s resources are those who would probably benefit from this.

But of course as to any problem there are many point of views to be discussed because as with anything that is too propagated comes a time where people have enough of it. So terrorism might not be the key here yet.

#2 The face of the bogey man
Remember Osama bin laden? No? Well that’s because he is dead right…people got tired of him so what wouldn’t be more appropriate then to get a new series of bogey men to replace him in the new phase of terrorism.

We will probably hear in the next few days what the effects of these events is.

#3 The new phase of terrorism
The media might start to target white middle aged males as potential new terrorist to national security, thoose that would fit a profile such as Breivik’s who are too extreme and critical about the governments politics.

#4 The Aftermath

Possible aftermath of this situation may result in the following

1. Escalated Libya sanctions and involvement from Nato and EU.

2. Escalated priority on the war on terror.

3. More systems of security developed and presented within and outside of the country.

4. Restricted gun laws.

I will update this post as more info about this is gathered and analysed. I have a feeling that this might be larger then just acts of terrorism. But we’ll see what comes up.

Read more about this issue comprehensively here


Update* This is starting to look more and more as a black ops.
Oslo Police Conducted Bombing Exercise Days Before Terrorist Blast


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