keyinfoblog: 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence – What does it mean? The effects of it

July 24, 2011
Gabriel K.

So according to the mainstream media Anders Behring Breivik who conducted the bombings and shootings in Oslo this friday sent out a 1500 pages manifesto of his views on the Western Civilization and the Muslims impact on it to politicians in Norway, this was said to be sent out before the bombings started.

You can download the document here (.pdf) 7,9 mb

Or just google it 2083 – a european declaration of independence

Anyways I have skimmed through the text a bit and I can tell you that there is no doubt that this was written to sparkle a debate and get people busy for something that might not even mean anything in the end.

The text is mostly history about wars between Muslims and Christians with refferenses to Templar knights and plans to what one should do to stop the Muslims from taking over Europe. He also mentions Marxism and multiculturalism a lot as being the problem of todays society and as a threat to Europeans freedom.

The text also mentions who should be targeted and why and how the attacks on these people should be carried out in an almost comprehensive guide that looks like it was written for a military operation.

I will give some more details about this later as I have gathered more info about it but I will give you my conclusion thus far.

#1 The pages
This book or manifesto of 1500 pages could have not been written by one person that easily, it would have taken him years, he himself claims it took him 9 years to finish Quoting from page 8 ”

The first five years were spent studying and creating a financial
base, and the last three years was spent working full time with
research, compilation and writing.

So he says but, personally this looks more like the job of some government sponsored team put together by some intelligence agency rather then someone who has some strong views and opinions. That’s at least a more sane and logical conclusion to make at this point.

#2 Analyzing the pictures
If you look at the last pages of the book page 1512 and below you can see the images that have been released by the press and are currently circulating the internet, the question is does that look to you as some amateur taken pictures? A white background? Family photo? Who does that and why?

Using Photo psychology and a method of Reading pictures one can determine the desired effect the photographer or the person who made these photos wanted the viewer to have.

He must have had some professional help with those photos (not quality vise) anyone can do that, but with the nature of the photos which seems set, why isn’t anyone raising those questions up?

#3. The propaganda message
Clearly this book has some strong views about Muslims and is very anti-gov in the sense that it does not like the way society is today, my hint is that this document was delibraty created so that it would sparke an even bigger debate between Muslims and Christians and not to mention the toggle between the government vs. the anti-gov people that has been going on for some time now.

#4 The effects of this book (What it want’s you to believe)

1. It propagates point of views and predicatively programs you into believing you need to do something or the West and Europe will be lost, which is true but not in the sense to what the book is telling you but in the sense in what the Globalists are already doing.

2. It distracts you from other issues that might be going on that is more important right now, reading 1500 pages takes some time.

3. It can confuse and convince anti-gov people to think this is the time and the right way to deal with the government once and for all it speaks to the descended voices that are not being heard.

4. It creates a new type of terrorism were anyone could be labeled as a terrorist it especially goes after people who are anti-government.

Throughout the book there are chapters that refer to the media and the press not being free and how the elite is controlling things search for the keyword “Elite” in the pdf to find them.

There are many keywords that you can search for in the book some of them are

“New World Order”
“Quick Summary”
“Traitor – classification system – Category A, B and C traitors”
“Preparation Phases”

#5 Traitor – classification system – Category A, B and C traitors
In this chapter in the document on page 930 he goes through what seems to be a classification system where he categories high on low priority targets as to be attacked

Category A traitor
- Political leaders (NGO leaders included)
- Media leaders (chief editors)
- Cultural leaders
- Industry leaders

Category B traitor
journalists, editors, teachers, lecturers, university professors,
various school/university board members, publicists, radio
commentators, writers of fiction, cartoonists, and artists/
celebrities etc. They can also be individuals from other
professional groups such as: technicians, scientists, doctors
and even Church leaders. In addition, individuals (investors etc)
who have directly or indirectly funded related activities.
It’s important to note that the stereotypical ”socialists”,
collectivists, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal
rights activists, environmentalists etc are to be considered on
an individual basis only. Not everyone who are associated with
one of these groups or movements is to be considered as a cultural

Category C traitor
Category C traitors are less influential and lower priority
targets (often individuals who have facilitated category A and B
traitors) but who are still guilty of charges 1-8. 10 000 per 1
million citizens. Punishment: fines, incarceration, expropriation
(considered as acceptable indirect casualties in larger operations
where WMDs are involved).

#6 Preparation Phases
If you type in “Preparation Phases” you will get his complete and systematic plan of how to get the right resources and weapons to carry out these attacks it’s on page 936.

#7 The language of the document
If you look closely at the documents language you will notice words such as, high and low priority targets which is something that looks to be written as a military guide.

Also how do we even know this guy even wrote it or even knows English for that matter?Does his background check? Can we trust what we are being told about him? For what is worth we know that creating a persons identity and background today is very easy to do.

#8 Who wrote the manifesto?
Does it really matter if he wrote it or not? No, what really matters here is what effect this manifesto has on the world and how it effects peoples perceptions about what is written.

Motives and Agenda
This seems to be created in order to start a new phase of terrorism which will make anyone a suspect for terrorism and not just restrict it to Al-CIAda sorry I mean “al-qaida” which will in turn push the government to do something about it. 

In every event there is always an agenda and a benefiting factor, The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm is a method of determining an event much like Pearl harbor and 9/11 was false flag terror events staged to serve an agenda.

The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm  (The Hegelian Dialectic)

1) The government creates or exploits a problem blaming it on others
2) The people react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights
3) The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis”

Problem: Two bombs, plus shooting on an island 95 people dead, one guy who is a white male Nationalist who does not like Muslims and the government did this.

Oh my God, we have to do something to stop this we can’t let this happen again help us big brother.

Sure we just need more surveillance so that we can profile these people easier just give up some of your freedom and rights and we’ll keep you safe, come to us we’ll take care of you 😉

Now this is just an example but I hope you get my point.

Conclusion thus far
It looks for now this whole thing is 99,9% government/state sponsored terror just like 9/11 was and a well conducted psy-op that is set to create chaos in society so that the government can come in with their solutions to a better order of more surveillance and the freedoms of the people being taken away.

This is the new phase of terrorism, were everyone is a potential terrorist not just some radical Muslims in a cave but White Al-Qaeda, time will tell where the next lead will be.

A word of caution: For those of you who don’t believe this was staged
I would encourage you to look at the event in a long term view and not put so much focus on the guy, what many people are doing right now is emphasizing with him because they think he is some kind of genius for writing the manifesto that’s exactly what the social engineers and the psy-opers wants you to believe. “That he has a point”

I know this is something many people have been waiting for and the social engineers and the Globalists know this, remember they study the population, they know when to pull the triggers in the right time to set the debate on it can’t get easier then that, just take a step back and look at the whole event for what it is and not for what the media is proclaiming it to be. Forget about the political spectrum here it does not matter it is only set to confuse you and put in a loop of back and forth, left and right.

You have to look at this more critically, and always ask yourself the question to whom does this benefit? You must be able to use your critical thinking and think outside the box and outside what media is telling you about this guy. You got to be able to think for yourself about these events and come to a logical conclusion for yourself before you get all drowned into what they media is trying to tell you about him.

It does not matter what college or education he went to or how dedicated he was to write this manifesto of his, the point is “WHAT EFFECT DOES THIS HAVE ON THE WORLD” in the long run.

Now what he did was beyond horrible and there is no words for it, and the aftermath of his actions can be much worse if we fail to recognize how they are trying to trap us in now with the stories of this guy, clearly creating the new phase of terrorism, the white al-qaida. 

The impact and role of the media
What the media is doing right now is painting you a picture of him, instead of investigating the official story which is what real journalism is, they choose to repeat the story and brainwash the public with it, they are making these events based on him only and are hyping up his “points” they want you to learn his motives, they are brainwashing the public to believe that anyone and not just al-qaeda is a threath to your safety through terrorism even in a peaceful country as Norway.

A word of advice
All you need for figuring things out and the medias next move is to observe and listen and you will see the news for what they really are, you will start to see patterns and learn how to connect the dots which will give you a window or a hint to what the Globalists are planning to do next and what the media is ready to report on. Remember it’s always the propagated version that comes out first in the news and when it’s set and people accept it they build up upon it, but at one point it breaks and that’s when you start to see the loopholes in the story.

In short: The Globalists created this staged event in order to push Fake Multiculturalism to expand their centralization of power by propagating hate towards it sanely making people push for Fake Multiculturalism even more, it’s like saying to someone don’t push this button, they will do it.

What Fake Multiculturalism does in the end is taking away your culture and giving you the culture of the world propagated by the few through the media which is owned by the Globalists themselves.

Fake Multiculturalism is the culture of the media. Real Multiculturalism is the culture of the people were keeping your own culture intact and sharing it with others equals Real Nationalism which the Globalists don’t want.

The nature of this operation (why it was started)
Let’s start off by understanding that there are two types of Multicultarisms today, the one we have today which is Fake Multiculturalism (Communism/Nazi-ism) that is all about following the media and having the same opinions, political correctness and so on, and then there is Real Multicultarism which is about keeping your own culture intact and sharing it with others (hence we can call it Real Nationalism)

The Globalists choose to attack their own culture (The Media) and glorify the culture they despise (Real Nationalism) in order to push people further into their Fake Multiculturalism (Media – Communism/Nazi-ism) by presenting a threat to society (Anders Behring Breivik), who openly despise Fake Multicultarism (Media) mixing it together with Real Multicultarism creating the association that being a Real Nationalist and standing up for your own culture is = to violance and terror, hence making the people automatically go for what Anders Behring Breivik despise, which is Fake Multiculturalism (Media – Communism/Nazi-ism) while they think it’s Real Multicultarism they are going for.

The problem is that they want you to associate Nationalism with Nazi-ism giving it a bad rep. and make you think that Fake Multiculturalism is Real Multicultarism.

The picture they are trying to paint looks something like this

Multiculturalism = ONE CULTURE (propagated by the media) hence, Communism/Nazi-ism

Nationalism = Nazi-ism (Bad to not care about other cultures)

And the real picture is like this

Real Multiculturalism = Real Nationalism (keeping your own culture intact and sharing it with others)

Real Nationalism = Real Multiculturalism (keeping your own culture intact and sharing it with others)

Or we can put like this also

Fake Multiculturalism Today = ONE CULTURE (propagated by the media) hence, Communism/Nazi-ism

Real Multiculturalism = Real Nationalism (keeping your own culture intact and sharing it with others)

Do you see how they flip it around? And turn good into bad, this is their trick.

I hope that makes sense for now, I’ll keep this post updated as more info comes in and the issue get’s more clear.

Meanwhile check out these pages which will probably cover this issue soon as well.

Problem-Reaction-Solution Explained (link)

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  • Update* 2011-07-27

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  • Update* 2011-07-26

Paul Watson & Webster Tarpley: Media Paints Breivik as Lee Harvey Oswald Type Gunman 1/2

Paul Watson & Webster Tarpley: Media Paints Breivik as Oswald Type Gunman

Finland to boost web surveillance after Norway attacks

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15 Responses to keyinfoblog: 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence – What does it mean? The effects of it

  1. Anna says:

    I have skimmed through the book as well, and I disagree with your statement that it is 99% government sponsored terrorism.

    1. This guy went to Oslo Management School, and as such he has superior research and writing capabilities. I go to an even better business school in Finland and I can tell you, this is the writing and research standard all graduates have to live up to, no matter how much it pains them to work so hard. He said it took him 9 years to research and write which, to be honest, would take me probably as long if not longer. In the end of his “A message from the author” he acknowledges support from “brothers and sisters” in several European countries who supported him in writing the book. Therefore, he did NOT do this alone, nor did he ever fully claim that. He is the main author, BUT he has had significant support from other “patriots” as he calls them.

    2. The pictures with the white background are incredibly easy to edit in Photoshop, so I would not say that’s immediate evidence of professional/government support. I can eliminate the background for all those pictures and create a white one in 10 min, and I don’t work with the government, nor am I a professional graphic designer. If you google some tutorials, even if you are a slow learner, it won’t take you more than 2-3 days to get the hang of it.

    Aside from this, as a resident in a nordic country, I can confidently state that the government of Norway is not behind this. Nordic countries are extremely sensitive to their safety, and would never go at such great lengths to “steal” the freedoms of their people. I would recommend some further reading on this if you want to understand what I mean. One of the basic readings would be Geert Hofstede’s work on understanding cultural dimmensions, especially the part with uncertainty and conflict avoidance.

  2. tepy says:

    The event that happened is schocking, I don’t doubt that at any point. You have a point, being critical is very important. Perhaps even Al Quaida itself is behind the terroristic attack. But isn’t saying “He uses a white background for taking a picture, so a very well organized company must have setup the whole operation” some steps too far? A white wall and a camera with relax button is enough. Thus I believe you go to far in your complot-theory.

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  5. bebedotno says:

    Thanks for the link to the file, I will read your comments/views after I have read it.

  6. denylson cardoso says:

    É um pena, lastimavel que jovens tenham que pagar com suas vidas pelas ideologias anti-politicas.

  7. John says:

    Hmmm… typical CIA-sponsored conspiracy theory (sarcastic smile). I choose to ignore you, in the hope that will make you even MORE paranoid.

  8. anon says:

    I had same thoughts before learning about the book, then googled it and found this. great article. They are building world order like in ‘1983’ and no one seems to be stopping them.

  9. Elis says:

    interestingly, the declaration written in perfect English, not Brevik’s mother tongue…

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  11. Stina says:

    As Anna said at the top of the comments, he said he has used nine years on this, and I truly believe he did this himself, I have read the entire manifesto from top to bottom, and it strikes me that this is a extremely intelligent person.
    Regarding the photos, if you had read the manifesto thorougly you would have seen that he explains very detailed how to prepare for such a “operation”. This includes to tan yourself som you look better, go to the hairdresser and finally to get some proffessional pictures taken. He did this abroad somewhere, and even paid the photographer in cash, so that no one could know who he was.
    And why is it so “interestingly” that he wrote this manifesto in english? His motherlanguage is norwegian, but a student in Norway very often has to write long exams in english, and all the bachelor and PhDs are in english.
    I truly don’t believe this is a “goverment” operation, the youngsters he killed was the leading partys youthorganisation, so killing would be to shoot themselves in both knees. This is a solooperation made by a very intellingent and very disturbed man.
    I’m sorry for my bad english, it has been a while since I practiced my english writing:)

  12. Db1 says:

    Human brains are pretty brilliant. People like Breivik and conspiracy theorists may appear normal in everyday life, but unexplained abnormalities in some sections of the brain may cause quirks which may lead to insane acts like this.

    And btw, Alex Jones is only in it for the money… I have to applaud his success in monetizing tin foil hat craziness. Buy T-shirt from his webshop and show other people that you’re not sheeple like them.

  13. Rayyithu Ahanmadhu says:

    Reading the analysis and the comments I am tempted to believe that what he did in killing all those innocent people was wrong BUT basically what he trying to prrof to the world may be right. I too believe that countries are run by gang of elites paid by global elites who creates fear among the countries and their counterpart in return create the same fear factor to manage people as modern day slaves.

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